About Us

What is Feellngs? 

  Feellngs is an upcoming black-owned business that branches from clothing, entertainment, and photography.


Dawson Williams

CEO and Founder of Feellngs

What is Feellngs purpose?

Feellngs was created to express a new way of clothing and is combined with my passion for film and photography. Creating art in different forms is what I strive to do. 

How is Feellngs unique?

It's simple, some people don't truly express how they feel and I want to change that. Without feelings imagine how you feel? Well, you couldn't. Without the bright feeling of joy, Without the heart warm love, Without learning the lessons of pain without the passion and drive to do what we love. These are the foundations that mold us into who we are and become……. It's FEELLNGS “Clothing that expresses you”.