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What is Feellngs?

Feellngs is more than just words on clothes. It's a staple and foundation of expression. Here we focus on being you and understanding the growth from knowing how to express and take on all the different feelings you may feel throughout your life. As a kid growing up I felt I had to fit an image to not show emotion or expression because I'd be looked at as weak but this only caused conflict with many parts of my growth throughout my life. I didn't know how to take on the pain or even enjoy the joyful moments; it was almost like I was alone.  As I got older I understood the importance of actually speaking on and understanding the different feelings and battles I went through. These are the foundations that make us who we are whether it's pain, love, joy, or insecurities we all face them but they shape us into the people we are today and that's the beauty of it.

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